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My kinda rock
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The all clear.

So yesterday afternoon, during my after school applied maths class, yes I am just THAT cool, I was called by the office. It turns out that the principal wanted to talk to me. Strange? Not really, I had already had a run in with my vice-principal saying she wanted to talk to me. Anyways so I went in and sat down and she started talking to me about the student council stuff which is boring and results in me having to talk to the music teacher Friday, make an announcement in assembly on Monday and hold a meeting on Tuesday. Like I said, boring. After we had finished we that the topic of my whole hair plan was brought up. She asked about when I'm thinking about doing it and such. So after about 5 minutes she gave me the all clear to go ahead and that it's a very worth while cause, she has apparently talked to a few people on the subject.

So yeah...I'm taking an entire assembly by my self tomorrow week to explain to them all how it's going to work. Basically I'm cutting off my hair at Easter to donate it. I'm also getting people to sponsor me to dye my hair, sponsor me for €5 or more and you get a vote on what colour I dye it. It can also be stripes of different colours or what ever. So if you'd like me to dye my hair in the Hogwarts house colours I will do so, or if you prefer electric blue or so on. More on that later anyways! So much work to do in such a short time! Oh an €1 more in the pot, that's a total of €20 now I think. Well I must be off, sponsorship sheets to organise.

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  1. Oh that's brilliant :D

    And purple stripes are always good :P