My kinda rock

My kinda rock
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Monday, March 21, 2011


I am, and have been for a long time. When I was little my legs were tubular sausages and my feet pudged out from underneath. Looking back I was quite a silly looking kid, my parents always called me chubby cheeks. My dad is a big junk food eater, he also smoked as I was growing up. I skipped a lot of things as a kid, I only crawled backwards, I hated being fed, I wouldn't go to bed till my parents did. I also would only eat full adult portions. From the age of five I was eating full three course adult meals. Like my dad I started to snack, eating sweets, I never really stopped. Over the years I never really stopped eating. I ate a lot. I over ate, I kept doing so for a few years. In 2nd year I developed a stomach ulcer and the specialist I was sent to see was told me it might due to the fact that I was overweight. I've been teased about my weight a lot and it does make me insecure. During 3rd year I skipped lunch everyday and hardly ate breakfast. I occasionally find my self slipping up again, forgetting to eat for an entire day till my mum asks. I also have a habit of over eating other days. I'm quite the emotional eater. I don't want to develop an eating disorder but at times society makes me think it's the only way I can be pretty. I'm not going to let this get the better of me though. I will not starve myself to be skinny to make other people happy but I do realise that I need to lose weight. My main motivation? Seeing the look on the faces of every one who picked on me for being overweight. I'm quiting debating...kind of a sad thing for me as it brought me close to a few girls in my school. It's fine, I'm not too sure how much I'll miss it. I'm joining athletics instead. I also plan on going jogging during lunch or after school. I can't wait to not have people lie when then say I'm not fat. Just you wait, I'll do this, I will beat the temptations society is shoving down my throat. Goodbye fat, hello me.

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